Perfect Balance of Power and Control: A Comprehensive Wilson Clash Review

Are you looking for a tennis racquet that offers the perfect balance of power and control? If so, then you should consider this Wilson Clash review. This versatile racquet is designed to provide players with maximum comfort and performance without compromising on either front.

In this comprehensive Wilson Clash review, we’ll examine the pros and cons of using the Wilson Clash as well as the different models available in order to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for your game. So let’s get started!

Features To Look For In The Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash is a revolutionary tennis racquet that incorporates innovative features to deliver unmatched levels of comfort and performance. In this section of this Wilson Clash review, we’ll go over this popular racket’s main aspects.

Carbon Mapping technology (engineered frame)

One of the key features of this racquet is its Carbon Mapping technology, which allows for a strategically engineered frame geometry that provides players with enhanced stability and flexibility.

FreeFlex technology (ball pocketing and control)

The Wilson Clash also features FreeFlex technology, which enables the racquet to bend in a unique way that enhances ball pocketing and control. This technology is achieved through the use of proprietary carbon mapping techniques that optimize the racquet’s flex points, creating a highly responsive frame.

StableSmart technology (Stability)

The racquet’s StableSmart technology also plays a vital role in its performance, as it enhances the stability of the racquet when hitting off-center shots.

This technology is designed to improve the torsional stability of the racquet while allowing for greater flexibility in the frame, resulting in a highly comfortable and responsive playing experience.


As for the different models of the Wilson Clash, the racquet is available in a range of weights and head sizes to suit players of all skill levels and playing styles.

The Wilson Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour models are both highly versatile options that deliver a great balance of power and control, while the Clash 98 offers a more traditional feel for players who prefer a smaller head size.


Overall, the Wilson Clash is one of the most advanced and comfortable tennis racquets on the market, with a range of features and models to suit players of all levels and styles.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Wilson Clash is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a high-performance racquet that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and control.

Best Wilson Clash Reviews

WILSON Clash 100 Pro v2 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2 tennis racquet is designed to give players the best-in-class flexibility and stability on the market, perfect for swing style. Thanks to its patent-carbon construction, FORTYFIVE technology, excellent, and increased sweet spot size by 16%, users will benefit from an unbeatable blend of power, control, and feel with every stroke.

The head size of this racquet measures 100 sq in., while its weight (strung) comes in at 11.5oz making it a great choice for avid players who need something lightweight yet durable that won’t tire them out during long games.

With its Head Light 9pts Balance and grip made with Wilson Pro Performance stringing tips (two-piece racquet main string skips: Throat 7/9 & Head 7/9), you’ll have all the support you need to ace match points.

Wilson Clash 108 v2 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung)

The Wilson 108 v2 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) is built for comfort and flexibility. It features a 108 sq in. head size, a weight of 10.5 oz when strung and 9.9 oz when unstrung.

The FreeFlex design is made to suit any style of the swing while the dynamic flex allows for the perfect feel in modern tennis swings. Fortyfive technology brings improved stability, making this one of the most flexible frames in today’s market.

With this racquet, you are sure to get top-notch performance as well as an unbeatable level of comfort due to its lightweight yet powerful construction.

WILSON Clash 98 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Clash 98 tennis racquet is perfect for intermediate to advanced players seeking precision and comfort.

This racket boasts a 98 sq-in head, making it laser-precise when compared to other rackets on the market, while its proprietary carbon mapping construction adds additional bending angles that ensure maximum power.

Furthermore, the unique StableSmart frame geometry ensures excellent stability without compromising on flexibility. The string tension ranges from 48-58 pounds with a balance of 30.6CM/11 Pts HL providing unbeatable spin and control in each shot taken.

Wilson Clash 100L Silver Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Clash 100L Silver Tennis Racquet is a special edition design featuring a metallic silver frame with a signature Clash infrared tip and elastic finish for a sharp, unique look.

The lightweight frame offers easy swings and increased maneuverability that allows the player to take advantage of different swing types.

The Horizontal Bending technology provides industry-leading flexibility for increased control on horizontal, traditional swings while Vertical Bending increases dwell time with modern vertical swings.

Wilson Clash Review: Other Models

Clash 100 Pro v2

The racket weighs 11.5 oz when strung and has a 16×20 string pattern. It offers improved control and stability, but may not be as easy to swing compared to the Clash 100. This racket is recommended for more advanced players.

Clash 100L v2

The Clash 100L v2 is a tennis racquet that weighs 10.4 oz. when strung, which is lighter than the regular Clash 100. It is easier to handle and maneuver but offers less stability and power. It is recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

Clash 100UL v2

The Clash 100UL v2 is a lighter version of the Clash 100, weighing only 9.9 oz. when strung. This makes it easier to handle and move around during play. However, due to its lighter weight, it has less stability and power. The racket is recommended for beginner junior players.

Common Questions About The Wilson Clash

What are the pros and cons of the Wilson Clash?


  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Most comfortable racquet on the market
  • It enhances your control and improves your feel for both groundstrokes and volleys
  • Its flexible frame is beneficial for elbow pain


  • Beginner players may find that there is limited power
  • Has poor stability and control for experienced players

What changes did Wilson make with the Clash v2 update?

Wilson made only a few updates to the latest version of the Clash. The Clash 100 v2 now has a slightly less headlight design, providing it with more stability than the previous model.

The Clash 100 Pro v2 and Clash 98 v2 have a 16×20 string pattern, which can increase control and feel for advanced players. The rest of the models remain mostly unchanged, except for cosmetic updates.

Is the Wilson Clash 100 v2 suitable for beginners?

The Wilson Clash 100 is a versatile tennis racquet that offers excellent comfort and is suitable for a wide range of players. However, it may not be the best choice for complete beginners or very experienced players.

This tennis racket is suitable for all skill levels due to its 100-square-inch head size. It has a 16×19 string pattern which is helpful for beginners and intermediate players who are learning topspin.

Is the Clash 98 arm-friendly?

The size and specifications of this racquet make it suitable for players at a high intermediate to advanced skill level. The Clash 98 is known for its flexibility, which makes it one of the most comfortable and arm-friendly tennis racquets available for players at that level.

Which Wilson Clash is great for those starting out?

The Clash 108 tennis racquet is ideal for beginners due to its large head size and length. It is lightweight and has a sizeable sweet spot. Anyone, including teenagers and adults, can easily develop their tennis skills using this racquet. It allows for easy swings and helps players learn topspin while transitioning their game.

Video Wilson Clash V2 Racquet Review – 98, 100, 100 Pro and 108

Learn everything you need to know about the Wilson Clash tennis racquet in this Wilson Clash review video. You’ll find out about its pros, cons, and different models of the racquet so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you!

Final Thoughts

Upon reading this Wilson Clash review, we can tell this is one of the best racquets for comfort and control on the market. It has a unique frame construction that helps reduce shock, allowing players to feel more comfortable while playing.

After learning with this Wilson Clash review about the different models available, you can choose which one fits your style of play. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, the Wilson Clash offers great performance with its combination of power and spin potential at all levels.


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David Anderson is a tennis expert from Los Angeles, California, who has had a lifelong passion for the game. He studied journalism at UCLA before focusing full-time on researching and writing about all aspects of tennis. His experience playing the sport since he was a kid, combined with countless hours spent researching, interviewing professional players, and analyzing their performances from courtside, gives him unparalleled expertise in the game.
Photo of author
David Anderson is a tennis expert from Los Angeles, California, who has had a lifelong passion for the game. He studied journalism at UCLA before focusing full-time on researching and writing about all aspects of tennis. His experience playing the sport since he was a kid, combined with countless hours spent researching, interviewing professional players, and analyzing their performances from courtside, gives him unparalleled expertise in the game.