The Blade of Champions: Wilson Blade Review You Must Check

Are you looking for a tennis racquet that will give you the perfect combination of power, control, and feel? Then this Wilson Blade Review is for you. The Blade has been a go-to choice for many professional players over the years due to its impressive performance and design.

In this Wilson Blade Review, we’ll cover all aspects of the Wilson Blade, including the pros, cons, and different models available so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is suitable for your game. Let’s get started!

Features To Look for in The Wilson Blade

The Wilson Blade tennis racquet is a top-of-the-line option for players looking for a superior feel and control on the court. In this Wilson blade review section, we’ll tell you about a number of innovative features.


The Blade is designed to provide players with maximum power and precision with each stroke.

High impact performance

One of the key features of the Blade is its ability to deliver a high level of feel on impact. Thanks to its specially designed frame and thin beam, the racquet is able to absorb shock and minimize vibrations, allowing for a softer, more responsive feel during play.

String bed technology

Another notable feature of the Blade is its string bed. Constructed with Wilson’s Spin Effect Technology, the string bed is engineered to create an additional spin on the ball, giving players more control and accuracy.

Additionally, the Blade’s string bed is also designed with Parallel Drilling technology, which increases the overall size of the sweet spot and reduces the impact of off-center hits.


The Blade also features a number of different models, each with its own unique set of specifications. From the Blade 98 to the Blade 104, each model offers a slightly different balance of power, control, and maneuverability, allowing players to choose the option that best suits their individual playing styles and needs.

Serious players

The Wilson Blade tennis racquet is a top choice for serious players looking for a high-performance racquet that delivers exceptional feel, power, and control on the court. With its advanced features and customizable options, the Blade is sure to help elevate any player’s game to the next level.

Best Wilson Blade Reviews

WILSON Blade 98 16×19 V8 Tennis Racquet

We begin this Wilson blade review with the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) V8 is the latest update to their popular racquet line, featuring innovation and technology designed to give you a superior feel for every shot.

The FORTYFIVE technology increases both flexibility and stability of the frame to deliver a connected-to-the-ball feeling that rewards aggressive players with precise ball-striking capabilities.

This top-tier blend of performance characteristics also features eye-catching color shifts that will surely impress your opponents. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out in tennis, the Wilson Blade 98 is sure to take your game up a notch.

Wilson Blade 104 v8 Tennis

The Wilson Blade 104 v8 Tennis Racquet is the perfect choice for modern players who prefer a vertical swing path. Featuring FORTYFIVE° and DirectConnect technologies, this racquet provides the ultimate feel and enhanced torsional stability.

It has a 27-inch length frame, 320-point swing weight, 4-point head light balance, and 100 sq. in head size for reliable control when whipping the head “through the zone” to impart ample spin.

The 16 x 19 string pattern combined with 45-60 pounds of string tension gives you options for fine-tuning your game as well. This package includes one complimentary string color in a 16 gauge synthetic gut at mid-tension that makes it ready to play right away.

Wilson Blade Team V8 Strung Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Blade Team V8 Strung Tennis Racquet is an excellent choice for the intermediate and developing player. This smooth-playing, highly maneuverable racquet features a mid-size 99 sq inch head with good spin and serve potential.

It comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation 17g/1.25 string – an arm-friendly multifilament string – and has a strung weight of 10.4 oz, 16×18 pattern, 4 HL strung balance, 284 swing weight, and 75 flex.

With 22/24/22 beam measurements and no Forty-Five technology found in other Blade V8 models this racquet is perfect for optimizing game performance at an economical price point making it a great option for those looking to develop their skills on the court without breaking the bank.

Wilson Blade 100L v8 Tennis Racquet

According to this Wilson Blade review, the 100L v8 Tennis Racquet is the perfect choice for competitive-level players looking for a combination of dynamic design, power, and control.

With its all-new FORTYFIVE° carbon construction, this racket offers an extra degree of flexibility and stability to create an unparalleled feel on the court.

This racquet also includes a slightly thicker beam than other Blade models for greater power potential and an attractive color-shifting elastic finish that transitions between shades of green and copper.

Experience next-level performance with this stylish yet powerful Wilson Blade racquet!

Wilson Blade Review: Other Models

Wilson Blade 100L

The Wilson Blade 100L is a great racquet for those who are at the beginner or intermediate skill level. It is designed to cater to the low-level intermediate players within the Wilson Blade series.

Serena Williams’ Wilson Blade SW102

The Wilson Blade SW102, used by Serena Williams, has some special features that set it apart from other racquets used by professionals. The bigger head size and added length result in a larger sweet spot and more power.

These features make it easier to control groundstrokes and generate depth. This racquet is particularly suited for singles players who prefer to control the opponent from the baseline and can also help with serving power.

Common Questions About the Wilson Blade

What are the pros and cons of the Wilson blade?


  • A high-level racquet, suitable for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Great combination of comfort & control
  • Spin is easy with the 16×19 version
  • Swing is also easy
  • The flexible frame may be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of tennis elbow


  • Not very beneficial for players who require assistance with increasing their power
  • Some players may dislike the subdued sensation when making contact

What updates did Wilson make to the Blade v8?

Wilson made minor changes to the latest Blade models. The Blade v8 is only slightly lighter than its previous version, weighing 0.1 oz less. Other than that, the Blade v8 is essentially identical to its predecessor.

What is the most popular version of the Wilson Blade?

The Blade 98 tennis racquet is available in two versions: one with a 16×19 string pattern and the other with 18×20.

Although it has a relatively thin and flexible frame, it is still a modern racquet that can generate enough power. The racquet is designed for control and feel, with an appropriate head size and frame.

Who should buy the Wilson Blase 104?

The Wilson Blade 104 is a top option for tennis players seeking a racquet with enhanced power and spin while still providing comfort and control.

It’s especially suitable for intermediate players, with a 104-head size that offers a generous sweet spot, a length of 27.5 inches that helps generate more power, and an open string pattern that facilitates excellent spin.

Are there any alternatives to the Wilson Blade?

  • The Babolat Pure Strike racquet has greater power, but it may feel less comfortable upon impact due to its stiffness.
  • The Head Radical racquet is similar to the other one you mentioned but has a little more power and stability. However, it may not be as good for making precise shots.
  • The Head Prestige is a highly advanced racquet that offers great control. It comes in versions that are similar to the Wilson Blade.

Video Wilson Blade 98 18×20 V8 Review by Gladiators

Are you looking for the perfect tennis racquet? Check out this Wilson Blade review video to learn more about the Wilson Blade 98, one of the best racquets for feel on the market.

Final Thoughts

After reading this Wilson Blade review we can tell you that the Wilson Blade is a great choice for tennis players looking to improve their feel and touch with the racquet. With its unique design, lightweight construction, and superior control, it’s no wonder that so many top professionals rely on this as their go-to racquet.

We hope this Wilson Blade review has helped you, and keep in mind that there’s sure to be a Wilson Blade model that fits your game perfectly, whether you’re an amateur or professional player.

So if you want improved performance without sacrificing comfort or power – look no further than the Wilson Blade!


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David Anderson is a tennis expert from Los Angeles, California, who has had a lifelong passion for the game. He studied journalism at UCLA before focusing full-time on researching and writing about all aspects of tennis. His experience playing the sport since he was a kid, combined with countless hours spent researching, interviewing professional players, and analyzing their performances from courtside, gives him unparalleled expertise in the game.
Photo of author
David Anderson is a tennis expert from Los Angeles, California, who has had a lifelong passion for the game. He studied journalism at UCLA before focusing full-time on researching and writing about all aspects of tennis. His experience playing the sport since he was a kid, combined with countless hours spent researching, interviewing professional players, and analyzing their performances from courtside, gives him unparalleled expertise in the game.